In 1907, The Korean Peninsula experienced a powerful move of the Holy Spirit leading to a nationwide revival better known as the Pyongyang Revival. As the fire of revival continued to spread and grow, one of the major hallmarks of Korean Christianity has been dynamic and unceasing prayer. Korean churches have gathered to pray in the early dawn, all night prayer vigils, as well as dedicated spaces just for prayer. This fire for continuous prayer is what has birthed what we know today as the prayer garden movement of Korea.


In the spring of 1992, Elder Hoki and his wife Kilsoon received a calling from the Lord to build a dedicated space of prayer for the body of Christ in metro Atlanta. After serving the Korean local church faithfully as an elder for 20 years, they both felt that God was now calling them to build a prayer garden that would be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for God's people. Daniel Prayer Garden was officially established on June 1, 1992.


Since the beginning, DPG has been a consecrated place of prayer, healing and restoration for the broken soul, and a place to be refreshed in God's presence. There are countless testimonies over the years of people encountering the Lord, ministries being birthed, marriages being restored, addictions being broken, and the lost coming to know Jesus. Together they faithfully and lovingly served the body of Christ for 26 years until their retirement in the fall of 2018.

In 2018 Elder Hoki's grandson, Pastor Andrew Eun, officially became the Director of DPG. After spending 12 years working with both the Prayer and Missions movements, as well as ministering in the local church, Andrew and Una and their two boys moved back to Atlanta to carry the stewardship of what their grandparents had begun. Together, the Lord has confirmed to both generations what His desire is for DPG and how they are to uniquely serve the body for the days ahead.



Training & Equipping

DPG partners with local churches, organizations, and groups to train and equip the body of Christ for the work of the ministry. Our goal is to come alongside and serve existing ministries both as a hosting ground and training school providing Biblically-based, Spirit-filled and hands-on training for the body of Christ.

House of Prayer

The House of Prayer is a place that is dedicated as a place of worship and intercession to the Lord. From our Prayer Chapel to all of our various prayer facilities, our central vision is to be a "home" for prayer for the Body of Christ.

Check out our statement on "Vision for 24/7"

Community & Healing

As a non-denominational para-church ministry, our desire is to connect ministries and believers all around the city of Atlanta. We believe that healing comes from being in the presence of God. From our community garden, ministry of counseling, to our various events, our goal is to see a thriving community in our city and for the healing of the soul.